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Magnetic Wireless Car Charger for Cell Phone

Distracted Driving is All About Bad Habits

Mobile phones have made it easy for us to stay connected.  Unfortunately, they have also become a major source of driving distractions around the world, posing serious road safety risk for all road users.  Whether you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist, this affects ALL of us.  The statistics from cellphone distraction is alarmingly high.

Human are Naturally Addicted to Cellphones

Over the past decade, human beings have been suffering from numerous side effects of owing a smartphone.  While 24/7 connectivity now enables multitasking anywhere, such convenience affects our brain's ability to maintain attention and to concentrate deeply on other things, including driving.  For many of us, our phone habits have turned into an addiction; an addiction that causes us to prioritize cyber activities over life-to-death matters, such as driving. 

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger for Cell Phone

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