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Things you need to know before you purchase a Wireless Charger

Things you need to know before you purchase a Wireless Charger

  Wireless Charger

Menno Treffers, Chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium ( WPC ) shared with us the following important points which are very useful before you purchase a Wireless Charger.   

(1.) Power supplies can be dangerous 

APPLE says fake chargers are dangerous

Amazon clamps down on dangerous, laptop destroying USB-C Cables


(2.) Wireless Charger is a form of Power Supply

Fire Hazard from poor quality Wireless Charger 

 Fire Hazard

Metal objects may heat up and cause Plastic Melting and Skin Burns

High Voltage can be induced and damage NFC card and Cell Phone 

(3.) The first Product Recall in the market 


Bluefin recalls Wireless Chargers due to Burn Hazard.

(4.) What factors ensure the safety of using Wireless Charger ? 

  • Do not heat up coins ? 
  • Do not damage the phone ? 
  • Do not damage NFC cards ?
  • The charger is verified that it is compatible with all phones.
  • Electrical safety is verified.
  • Check out the reputation of their brand and how long they have been in the market.  

(5.) Who is selling unsafe chargers ? 

  • Major traditional retailers are aware of the risks and taking precautions

eg. Mediamarkt, Walmart

  • Online shops operated by a retailer are generally well-behaved


  • But online platforms are selling many uncertified wireless chargers

- E.g., ... 


(6.) Uncertified Products are much cheaper 

Would you use a $0.99 Wireless Charger ? 

(7.) Online Retail Platforms 

  • The platform operator operates a market place

- Operator doesn't sell products

- Sales are done by independent sellers

  • Platform operator avoids liability for unsafe products

- Shift responsibilities to the sellers

  • Many sellers are small and disappear at the first sign of trouble

- Difficult to sue

- Do not pay fines or damages

(8.) Counterfeits : Same Problem

Platforms compete with traditional retail by lowering the cost of selling unsafe and counterfeited products

(9) What can we do to keep users safe ? 

Securing users safety

  • Include Qi safety tests in IEC standards and national standards

- The future IEC 62368-1 edition 3 will includes FOD requirements

  • Include Qi safety tests in the requirements for safety labels

- CCC, CE, UL, etc.

- USB chargers are on the list, while wireless chargers are not.


- We need to explain the dangers of uncertified products to retailers

- We need to explain how to recognize a Qi certified product



Wireless Power Consortium ( WPC ) founded in 2008 has been leading the way in wireless charging with an open standard for all. 

The Wireless Power Consortium is a group of leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries that understand the untapped potential of wireless charging. WPC members include leading makers of mobile phones, consumer electronics, batteries, semiconductors, components, wireless power technology and infrastructure such as wireless operators, furniture and automotive parts.

inCarBite is a member of Wireless Power Consortium, we have been very dedicated to design and market Wireless Charger with emphasis on user safer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions - Wireless Charging

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