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How to choose the right Dash Cam for your Car ?

How to choose the right Dash Cam for your Car ?

April 18, 2016

Appropriate Installation location for safety

You probably don’t want your car camera stand out like a sore thumb in front of your car’s windscreen.  Select Dash Camera that kept installed behind rear view mirror & makes it perfectly in best position.  Ensure your driving view remains uninterrupted & above all safe.  

Loop recording

Loop recording is a method of memory card storage which allows recording to be continuous once memory is full.  It automatically overwrites the oldest files on the memory card, thus enabling it to record so as not missing any second recording.

Night Vision

Most of the sellers tell their customer Flash LED & IR light can help to light up the street, so customer gets a lots of LED flashlight, but finally, picture from DVR all like being painted with white mist. So, what can really improve quality of videos at night is:  just focus on the camera with its Advanced Chip, Aperture & WDR, but not how many LED it equips. WDR achieves super clarity video recording even under weak lighting environment in night driving. 


Built-in a very useful feature: G-Sensor with high sensitivity of impact, emergency lock up, auto save video recording. Whenever an event is detected, the camera will automatically mark the current footage for safekeeping, so as to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally get deleted by the loop recording. 

Power Source

From Cigarette Lighter: Most of the car cameras are mounted high behind rear-view mirror on the windscreen, but get their power from cigarette lighter far apart. Thus you need a cable at least 3.5m long that can neatly tuck away around the windscreen rather than having it dangling down the middle if you want to install in most discreet way.

From Fuse Box: Of course you can also connect cable directly to your car’s fuse box or internal wiring.  Check your car’s user manual to find the correct wiring setup.

Auto On/Off

This critical function means that your camera automatically starts recording when you turn on vehicle engine. You don’t want to get into a situation where something happens that you'd like to keep the video of, just to find out that you forgot to turn your car camera on that day. 

Date and Time Stamp

This comes in handy if you ever need to use your video footage as evidence. Make sure you set the date and time correctly when you install your camera, it serves as an absolute evidence and helps prove safe driving or car accident.

Video Quality - Resolution

DVR is used in the car to save videos and images for proof in a traffic accident, as well as sharing wonderful moment in your journey. So video resolution is the most important.  Nowadays, most of new released car camera can record 1080P HD videos at 30fps, it achieves highest clarity level of recording as digital TV standard.

APPS and WiFi

Nowadays, Apps becoming popular, once car camera is connected with your mobile through WiFi, instant video viewing is applicable. You can also download recorded video to your mobile, sharing via email & social media is so much easier than before.


Most of the car camera are mounted on windscreen & exposed under strong sunlight.  Overheating may cause aging & damaged to car camera & SD Card.  Low end camera cannot survive 75oC, plastic case & SD card starts to melt & malfunction.  To avoid, suggest to choose material with Heatproof ABS + PC Outer Case that can withstand under 85oC.

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