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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • George from UK on Jun 25, 2019  
The package arrived and all seems in order. I haven’t installed it yet but everything seems absolutely fine. I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and for going out of your way to ensure it got here in time. If only every company offered the professional service you do. 
  • Kenneth from HK on May 19, 2019 

The 12V plug casing is metal with good heat dissipation.  The clip is well designed so the charger can be mounted firmly on air vent.  Magnetic Force is strong enough for my iPhone X.  


  • Javier Lucas from Barcelona on Apr 25, 2019

Hello Bella, as always the support of customer service on my part has a 10 out of 10, excellent service.   All the information that you have sent me so far for me is very useful and important.


  • Kenneth Sivertsen from Norway on Mar 5, 2019
I currently have two InCarBite headrest mounts for iPad. But we have recently purchased an Huawei Tablet and in that matter I need a mount for this. Do you only sell the holder itself or do I have to purchase the complete package?

Ps. I am so happy with these mounts and don't want to change brand.


  •  Caroline from Austria on Jan 11, 2019 

Oh great!! This was so easy and quick again!! Thanks for that!!! 


  • Guy SERRIERE from France on Nov 8, 2018

Merci , pour votre réponse très professionnelle.

J’ai maintenant l’application en français.

Je suis d’accord pour une évaluation positive sur votre site.

Je vais aussi vous faire de la publicité sur le site et


  • Daniel Greenhead from UK on Aug 31, 2018

The quality of the product looks great & I am very much looking forward to having it fitted. It will provide me with great peace of mind especially considering the vehicle is almost always occupied by my 3 year old daughter.

Finally I wanted to thank you for looking after me so well.  I appreciate there has been a lot of correspondence.  At all times you have demonstrated a knowledge & professionalism that has provided me with great confidence in what is an arms length purchase & you have made the purchase a pleasure.


  • Ralph from UK on Jul 6, 2018 

I am very pleased with the camera as it looks like part of the original mirror with very little chance of being stolen. 


  • Tony from Hong Kong on May 12, 2018

Thanks for your good product and quick response with fast delivery.  Very good seller indeed. 


  • Javier from Spain on May 7, 2018

The cable has already been received correctly, everything seems to be ok. Again thank you very much for your attention and your time.  I hope to do business with you again. 


  • Ady from UK on May 1, 2018

I have just installed the camera, see photo's attached.  Very pleased with the picture quality & the way the installation blends in with the car rear view mirror.


  • Raul from USA on Apr 16, 2018

Dear friend I have been using your car iPad mount model M2-20-3F and it is perfect. Now I have bought the iPad 6 (2018) do you have any mount that fixes? May I use the part fixed to the seat of my current one (M2-20-3F) and buy only the proper framework for the new iPad. 


  • Robert from USA on Jan 6, 2018
Got SHARK installed today, works great, going to order 2 more.   


  • Robert Hawxhurst from USA on Dec 31, 2017

Thank you for such a quick reply.  I want your mounts hardwired installed for a “clean look” with no exposed wires. If my local installer like your product, they might be interested in becoming a dealer for your amazing products. You need more advertising for these mounts. They look far superior to your competition, it was just too difficult to find such an amazing sturdy, all-in-one mount, then I finally found your mount.. so very happy. Sorry for rambling, just looking forward to receiving them for my new truck. Anyways, have a happy and healthy New Year.


  • Blaz Belic from Groupe Renault Slovenija on Sept 20, 2017

We found your Wireless Qi Car Charger really unique and reliable and I am glad we had the chance to test it. 


  • Johan Vandeweerd from Belgium on Sept 13, 2017

Having a good product means returning customers.  Keep up the good work ! The BMW Car Camera arrived last week and was installed yesterday.  Everything works perfectly.  Thanks for the great buying experience. 


  • Aleksejs Akimenko from Latvia on May 18, 2017

I was digging quite a lot in internet, and finally I decided to stop on your product.  My plan is to install 2 iPads in the car for my kids ( on headrests bars ).


  • Roger from UK on May 12, 2017

Hello, Two years ago I purchased an inCarBite product for my VW Camper-van, it works very well.  However, somehow, I have lost the iPad holder that clips into my under cupboard round inCarBite amplifier.  Can I buy a replacement ? 


  • Khanamraiz from Pakistan on April 15, 2017 

The magnetic dash board mount is a unique item which I am looking for a long time, quite affordable and the design is awesome. 


  • Khan from Dubai on Mar 24, 2017

ATOM Magnet Dash Board Mount is a unique item which I have been looking for a long term, price is quite affordable and the design is awesome. 


  • Nicolas from France on Dec 6, 2016
I bought from you an wifi-dvr camera for my Audi RS7.  I was very satisfied with it and everything was working fine...I have some questions on the apps when i changed from using iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, it's good to know that some people are there to help..I've done what you suggested in your mail, download the "Transcend DrivePro" ... And it works wonderful ! Once again thank you very much. 
  • Rob from UK on Oct 11, 2016

Outstanding is not a word I believe I have ever used before, however, I can think of no better word to describe the prompt, efficient service you have provided. 


  • Robert Bell from Sweden on Sept 27, 2016

We have seen it at a local retailer and it's the best and safest one we've seen. 


  • Miss Phan from Hong Kong on Aug 4, 2016

Well the service is great coz very much troubling if customers don't speak Cantonese in HK :) 


  • Raymond Rodriguez from New York on Jun 6, 2016

I think it's a great idea, and I am in. I live in New York City and this is a place that can use a wireless car charger like this.  I am posting it up on my Facebook page so that everyone can see.  


  • Ciaran from UK on Jun 5, 2016

Having this wireless car charger I have found the quality of the charging to be excellent. The fitting and aesthetics are extremely well thought out and the added features of 2 x USB ports offer a wide range of added benefits including charging for iPads in rear as well as other devices.  It is also a great way to hold your smartphone in a safe place during driving and the feel of the holder on the phone reflects quality.  The is an innovative new product 


  • Koullis Panayiotou from Cyrus on May 24, 2016

The Headrest is excellent, it's very easy to put in the car and make out and it's also a great stand.  If you could reduce its weight it would be perfect.  I am also impressed with the magnet mount.  It's very convenient and you can barely notice it. 

  • Audun Bjoerkmo from Norway on April 8, 2016

Looking for a iPad car holder to secure the iPad when my kids are holding the iPad in their hands while the vehicle is moving.  Both kids is facing the rear of the car (reversed car seats).  Today I am using a inCarBite holder to secure the ipad on the headrest of the back seat.  Very happy with it and in fact we always have the ipad inside the inCarbite frame as it is perfect to use as a stand on table as well.


  • Francis Sze from Hong Kong on Dec 8, 2014

    Many years ago I spent a lot of money to install a DVD Player for my kid, now I can use less than 50% of that spending to get an iPad PLUS a highly users friendly car mount. Thanks for the technology !


    • Tony from Walmart, USA on Apr 18, 2013

    This is the best small speaker I saw.


    • David E. Gates Jr. from USA on April 3, 2012

    I have a BMW X5 and have been looking for a way to get back seat video.  I bought this InCarBite product at a local.  Retailer and let me tell you, what an awesome unit.  I put my iPad in the holder that easily clips to the head rest posts and wala ! My 6 year old daughter puts her wireless head phones on, selects a movie from the iPad and she is totally happy and completely occupied while we drive.  The iPad holder has an infrared head phone transmitter in it and seems to work with most if not all wireless headphones.  It also came with a cigarette lighter adapter to keep my iPad charged while entertaining my daughter.  I would recommend this to all the people I know.  I have a panoramic sun roof with no way to put in an over head monitor DVD player and didn't want to change out my head rests for the monitor style.  I'm my vehicle they would look ugly.  I give the InCarBite products an A+ for quality and workmanship.


    • Hagel from Alanta on Feb 17, 2012

    So after a lot of research, I recently purchased the inCarBite iPad Mount to serve as the Rear Seat Entertainment of my new Range Rover.  The kit arrived today, and I'm extremely pleased with the quality, and "factory" look of the system.  I spent less than 5 minutes to install it, nothing protrudes from the seat and it's a perfect fit under the headrest.  I was so happy with it, I called them back and ordered 2 additional bases for my wife's car :-) The customer service was great as well !


    • Troy Hageman from New Zealand on Sept 1, 2011

    After doing a lot of research, thought your product would be the best for my New Range Rover Sport. 


    • Casper from Denmark on July 25, 2011

    Thanks I received the products and they look and feel great ! Also a lot of my friends and workmates are interested in them.  I really think you have a strategically good product and also the perfect timing.  My best recommendation for you would be to update your website and webshop to have a more polished look.  Your service and response has been worldclass ! - keep on doing that. 


    • Andre Grossenbacher from Switzerland on July 16, 2011
    Unpacked the parcel - and I would easily conclude the product looks absolutely excellent in black rubber touch surface.

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